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Daewoo Chassis parts

The choice of NASCAR Winston Cup champions for 40 consecutive years Moog Chassis Parts is the automotive service industry's
premier brand of replacement steering and suspension components.Moog products are engineered to solve installation
and performance problems resulting in easier installation for the technician and complete satisfaction for the customer.
API Brand is a very good chassis line less expensive. But the quality is good. Some parts are not available in moog but can be shipped in API Brand

Lanos -- 1.6L - 1999-02
Part InformationOem #APIMoog
adjusting SleeveFront78466962600-73485 
Ball jointFront947881222700-73486 
Control ArmFront Lower left, From Chassis # 447434964453712703-73493 
Control ArmFront Lower Left, To Chassis # 447433962183972703-73492 
Control ArmFront Lower Right, From Chassis # 447434964453722703-73494 
Control ArmFront Lower Right, To Chassis # 447433962183982703-73491 
Control Arm BushingFront, Forward, From Chassis # 447434964450432700-73487 
Control Arm BushingFront, Forward, To Chassis # 447433961859732700-73488 
Control Arm BushingFront, Rearward902350402700-07039 
Sway bar Bushing KitFront964449262700-74908 
Tie Rod Assy.Front Left962750142600-74909 
Tie Rod Assy.Front Right962750152600-73532 
Tie Rod EndFront Inner Left962166182600-73495 
Tie Rod EndFront Inner Right962166222600-73497 
Tie Rod EndFront Outer Left962750182600-73496ES80613
Tie Rod EndFront Outer, Right962750192600-73498ES80614
Leganza - 2.2L - 1999-02
Part InformationOem #APIMoog
adjusting SleeveAdjusting Nut8.3102214E82600-73499 
Ball jointFront962131192700-73500K90364
Control ArmFront Left962131172703-73512 
Control ArmFront Right962131182703-73513 
Control Arm BushingFront, Forward962131302700-73504 
Control Arm BushingFront, Rearward962131312700-73503 
Control Arm BushingRear Inner962258052700-73502 
Lateral linkRear, Forward962131392700-73508 
Lateral linkRear,Rearward962131422700-73510 
Sway bar Bushing KitFront963940332700-73501 
Sway bar link - CompleteFront Left962258582700-74910k90365
Sway bar link - CompleteFront Right962258592700-74911k90366
Sway bar link - CompleteRear962076282700-73507 
Tie Rod EndFront Outer964465862600-77847ES3622
Nubira - 2.0L - 1999-02
Part InformationOem #APIMoog
adjusting SleeveAdjusting Nut8.3102214E82600-73499 
Ball jointFront963006482700-73514 
Control ArmFront Left962684542703-77846 
Control ArmFront Right962684552703-77845 
Control Arm BushingFront, Forward, From Chassis # 466465962980002700-73525 
Control Arm BushingFront, Forward, To Chassis # 466464962597682700-73526 
Lateral link BushingRear Inner, Arm Mount963086182700-73530 
Lateral link BushingRear Outer, Arm Mount963086172700-73531 
Lateral link BushingRear Outer, Rearward962975362700-73520 
Lateral link BushingRear, Forward962975352700-73524 
Lateral link BushingRear, Inner, Rearward963002132700-73528 
Sway bar Bushing KitFront963118322700-74914 
Sway bar Bushing KitRear962978042700-74917 
Sway bar link - CompleteFront963918752700-73516 
Sway bar link - CompleteRear963002222700-73517 
Tie Rod EndFront Outer964465862600-77847ES3622

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