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We want to be your source for Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs And Complete leaf spring Assemblies
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                             Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs should ALWAYS be replaced in pairs.

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We provide quality Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs. In addition We carry a full line of OEM Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs, Coil Springs and Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and trailers . We also stock a full line of Load Master Helper Springs and Load Star Variable Rate Coil Springs. Same day shipping is available for most orders via UPS or Truck.

Autocar,Freightliner,Kenworth,Mack&Peterbilt , Heavy Duty Trucks
Part #MeasurementLeafsOEM ApplicationPrice
13-30225 1/16 -25 1/161013HAR009 PLK Both eyes 10/447 4" WideCall
13-31825 1/16- 25 1/1610 03-1100319 PLK Both eyes 110/499 4" WideCall
24-10625-25110289-38 RNK Both eyes 1¼99 4" WideCall
46-70525 5/16-25 ¼6/PD Freight Liner Rear (96-70546-705
46-78826-285/167 Freight Liner Front TNI Bushings 3½" Wide46-788
46-86226 3/16-28 11/16PD/3/2PDAt6-11265 TNI Both eyes 3½" Wide46-862
46-89722-24 7/87/PD Freight Liner Rear (96-89746-897
46-90124 1/8-24 ¾6/2PD Freight Liner Rear (96-90146-901
59-13122- 24 ½6 Kenworth Rear Spring59-131
59-14122- 24 5/83K666-100 3/702 Full Taper 4" Wide59-141
59-18425 1/8-27 5/8PD/3/3PDK223-730 TB68 Both eyes 4` WideCall
59-20026 1/8-26 1/82PD/3/PDK223-747 TB68 Both eyes 5,300 lb. load 4" WideCall
62-02327-31114QK 3212 Mack Rear 11/558 3" Wide RNG-HookCall
62-05329124QK 3201 Mack Rear 5"Wide? Call PleaseCall
62-09729 5/8-29 5/884QK 3198A Mack Rear 8/1.25Call
62-14726-26104QK 4005 Mack Rear 3-788 7/999Call
62-15526-26104QK 4003 Mack Rear 10/788Call
62-70625 1/8-30 ¾1120K 3240B RNI-HK2 1¼99 8,500 lb. load 3½" WideCall
62-74825 1/8-30 ½132QK 3243B RNI-HK2 1¾99 9,200 b. load 3½" WideCall
62-77025 1/8-29 7/8PD/32QK 3299A RNI-TB69 PD/323 3/660 load 3½" Wide 4,700 lb.62-770
62-77225 1/8-29 7/8PD/320K 3303A RNI-TB69 PD/323 3/910 load 3½" Wide 8,100 lb.62-772
62-77825 1/8-29 7/8PD/320K 3300A) RNI-TB69 PD/323 3/715 load 3½" Wide 5,400 Ib.62-778
62-98127 11/16-27 11/16104QK 3131 A Mack Rear 10/999 5" Wide 36,000 lb.Call
75-10722 1/8-23 7/811 Peterbilt RearCall
75-12824-24PD/4A02-774 RNI Both eyes PD/800 4/602 3½" Wide75-128
75-13625-26 ¾2PD/302-01147 RNK Both eyes 2PD/447 3/667 4" Wide75-136
75-14024 3/8-24 3/84PD/402-01113 RNI Both eyes load 4PD/401 4/631 3 ½ Wide 5,775 lb75-140
75-14122 1/8-23 7/85PD/3/PD03-04334 5PD/323 3/788 PD/323 3" Wide 7,800 1b.75-141
Application Listings Call for pricing
Part # Type OEM #
62-027*SPRING 5QK246
62-1002*TBD*SPG FT 03/24/05 2QK3441P5
62-1004SPRING 2QK478
62-1006FT SPG, 2LF 2QK469M
62-1008FT SPG, 2LF 2QK481M 2QK481AM
62-1012FT SPG, (16/PLT) 2QK467M
62-1018SPRING 2QK487M
62-1022SPRING 2QK3443
62-103SPRING 4QK3275
62-1044SPG, FULL TAPER 2QK4100
62-1287SPRING 4QK4108
62-1307*TBD* SPG, FULL TAPER 4QK4131M
62-1311*USE 50-361 Z SPG 4QK4129M
62-137*SPRING 4QK497
62-139SPRING 4QK499
62-143SPRING 4QK4004
62-145*SPRING 4QK3285
62-153SPRING 4QK4001
62-157SPRING 4QK4006
62-161SPRING 4QK4008
62-173*SPRING 4QK4013
62-179**SPRING 20944 (24/PLT) 4QK3324
62-181SPG-F/T 22756 4QK3321
62-187**SPRING 20945 4QK3326
62-199SPRING 4QK3343
62-209SPRING 4QK2629
62-235SPRING 4QK3344
62-267SPG F/T 22476 (16/PLT) 4QK3385M
62-269SPG-F/T 22697(16/PLT) 4QK3384M
62-269NBN/A-USE 62-269 W/BUSHING  
62-738SPRING 2QK3234AP5
62-804*SPRING 20939 2QK3329
62-808SPRING (15/PLT) 2QK3331
62-812SPRING 2QK3333
62-834SPRING 2QK3348
62-838SPG F/T 20998 2QK3345
62-840SPG - FULL TAPER 2QK3347
62-858SPG-FULL TAPER 2QK3363
62-874SPRING 2QK3380
62-876SPRING (12/PLT) 2QK3381A
62-882SPRING 2QK3388
62-890SPRING 2QK3377
62-894*SPG F/T 22701 2QK3373M
62-902SPG-F/T 21728 2QK3358M
62-930SPRING - METRIC 50005462E9
62-932FULL TAPER 50004482E9
62-968SPG F/T (14/PLT) 2QK3435M
62-983*SPRING 4QK3155
62-984SPG, FULL TAPER 2QK3430
62-988SPRING 2QK3457
New Application Listings Call for pricing
Part # OEM # Application Call
46-1307A16-16415-000Freightliner Air Liner II, Rear L.H.- w/ BendCall
46-1309A16-16415-001Freightliner Air Liner II, Rear R.H.- w/ BendCall
46-1323A16-15615-000Freightliner Single Axle w/ Eye Leaf,9/3/2/PD, 3 Wide, 29.5 x 29.5Call
46-1325A16-15616-000Freightliner Single Axle w/ Eye Leaf,8/2PD/3, 3 Wide, 29.5 x 29.5Call
46-1349A16-16414-000Freightliner Air Liner II, Rear L.H.- StraightCall
46-1351A16-16414-001Freightliner Air Liner II, Rear R.H.- StraightCall
96-12258082699Volvo 4-Spring, Front AxleCall
96-12278082700Volvo 4-Spring, Rear AxleCall
96-12598075378Volvo Single Rear Axle - Use 96-135Call
96-12858082688Volvo Single Rear Axle w/Eye Leaf,3 Wide, 11/3Call
99-210NATerex Crane, 24.5 x 283 Wide, 14 LVS. RNG S.E.Call
99-211516743Big A, AG-Chem Sprayer Rear,13/3, 30.25 x 30.25, RNG in Eye LeafCall

Weak or Worn out Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs cause a whole host of other problems.
Sagging Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs should be replaced in pairs only.
Take a look at our selection of Peterbilt & Kenworth Leaf Springs products

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